Erika Buchanan

How did the Lord change my life?
I remember being taught the Word of God in my early years as a kid. At the age of 5, I ran in the middle of the street and yelled "I don't want to go to Hell.” Needless to say, I accepted the Lord as my Savior and have been preaching Hell-Fire and tribulation messages ever since. Throughout the years, however, I have endured a lot of health issues. But I have seen God do the miraculous. 


What led me to become a ministry leader?

I actually had one of those wrestling with God moments one night in regards to my call to minister the Word of God. When we first started the church, Pastor was away one Sunday and I knew things still had to run as usual. So I volunteered to lead Praise and Worship. That's how I am. If I see a need, I try to step up and fulfill it. When it comes to designing publications, I use my God given talent for His Glory.


 My most memorable ministry moments

There have been so many since 1998. The ones I'm most fond of happened during Praise and Worship. A lot of people come in with lost hope, in despair and in bondage, only to surrender everything to God and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Chains are broken and God sets people free. Other memorable moments are the Sundays when people praise God like crazy, running, jumping, dancing and prostrating. Or when the presence of God just abides and hovers over during worship, and you don't want to move on to the next part of service. I see a lot of healing (physical, emotional, and spiritual) happen during praise and worship. It is so imperative to make it a part of our daily lifestyle...along with fasting and praying.


 Something most people don't know about me

I play seven instruments and taught myself how to play five of them.

Erika Buchanan

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