Christopher Dews

How did the Lord change my life?
Before Him, the best word I could use to describe my life was “stranded.” I felt like an alien in a foreign land; misunderstood, abandoned and confused. I couldn't grasp my place in the world and why I was surrounded by so much cruelty. God blessed me with the opportunity to know Him personally and we fostered an ironclad relationship. He became my best friend and saw me through each and every great conflict in my life. He literally turned sorrow into joy, pain into perseverance, and skepticism into deep truth. God became the hero of my story and a bright light into my dark heart. 


What led me to become a ministry leader?

When God changed my life at a young age, I was then privileged to an incredibly abundant life regardless of physical, emotional or financial circumstances. Nothing really brings me down anymore, and if one of life's weights did prove to be too heavy, God always spotted me through it. I was never alone, I always had an exceptional partner in the battlefield.


In this life, I see deep, searing pain ready for anyone who dares to live. No one avoids it and no one escapes it. It's like traversing a minefield – one wrong step can have brutal consequences. I truly believe that the best way to get through it is to have a personal relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. I became a ministry leader so that I can do my part in bringing God's people into a knowledge of the great fullness that emanates from a life dedicated to Him.  


My most memorable ministry moments

The Youth Retreat 2007- THE BEST RETREAT EVER!!!!!

Filming, "The Truth"  


Something most people don't know about me

I rarely ever call God, "God" in my prayer life. For at least a decade, I've almost always referred to Him as "The Boss" or "Boss" for short, which was the code name for the Hero of my favorite video game series growing up. 

Christopher Dews

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