Corey Lester

How did the Lord change my life?

As a young child, I had an awareness of God's existence, but didn't know what it meant to be in right relationship with Him. I remember going to church from time to time, reading poems, singing songs and even getting baptized. However, all of these were forced activities while with my grandmother. How God changed my life was through putting me in circumstances that opened my eyes to the realization of needling Him. God demonstrated very vividly how my life needed a real change that only He could provide.


What led me to become a ministry leader?

After receiving Jesus as my Savior, I became really focused on reading and understanding His Word. I wrote down and prayed about ministry and others began asking me about involvement in ministry. I soon became active in a variety of functions before I accepted the call to ministry.


My most memorable ministry moments

Two memorable moments in ministry come to mind. The first took place in Hawaii. A friend who knew me in the world visited me. While we were eating, she asked me what happened to me that brought about so many changes in my life. I told her I had been studying the Bible and given my life to Christ. A few months later, she moved to Hawaii and I invited her to church. Shortly after, she gave her life to Christ.


The second memorable moment came when a student of mine started asking me questions about success and life. I told her about who I was and who I am now. I shared with her that whatever success I have is because of who and what I believe. I invited her to begin reading the bible. We would discuss what she read from time to time. One day, the student approached me crying because of having a really bad day. We talked, and at the end of the conversation, we prayed and she received Christ.


These were most memorable because I felt as if I made the most of an opportunity God provided to share the Gospel. It felt great to actually do what God has called every Christian to do – share the Gospel. I felt at each of those moments I was truly being an ambassador for Christ.


Something most people don’t know about me

Contrary to what people may think, I have a reluctance or fear of speaking, teaching, and preaching. I feel pretty comfortable in the background. However, once a discussion about God has started, I'm fully engaged because I enjoy talking about God's Word.

Corey Lester

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